Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

PDN | Portable Data Network

The ability to have real time digital-data communications in emergency situations, trainings, community events and more has changed the face of technology. The PDN ensures due diligence to support an industry’s best practices, policies and compliance to be “connected” in nearly any situation. 

EASY TO USE | USER FRIENDLY  The PDN is a Closed Case Solution:  The case functions in a closed, latched position where it's ease of use is as simple as pressing a button to turn the case on and bring the network up.


The PDN is sold as a bundled solution. It comes preconfigured and assembled - ready to use.


The PDN bundled solution consists of modular components in a rugged case containing:

       Cellular Gateway: router/modem                                                   Battery Charger

             Models: LPE, LP6, LP6-FIPS Certified                                          Cable Pouch: AC 110/120v & SAE 12V DC

        Cellular Antenna: high-gain, omni                                                       Ethernet LAN/WAN  

        2 AGM Batteries: safe, reliable, travel-friendly                                    FAQ Trouble Shooting Maintenance Log                       

        Quick-connect Harness System                                                           

The PDN bundled solution also includes 1, 3, and 5 year options for:

        Device Management

        Support Services**

        Limited Warranty




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