Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions Services

M2M Engineering and Consulting Services

DH Solutions has played a key role in the engineering and supporting the M2M initiatives of our customers and partners for over a decade. With an experienced staff and the combined creative intelligence of our network of partners, DH Solutions offers significant insight into M2M and how the most cost effective and sustainable solutions are engineered and deployed.

M2M Support Services

Helpdesk staffing, training, device management tools, reporting and the development of unique intellectual capital are key components managing an M2M infrastructure. DH Solutions offers a simple yet fully engaged device level M2M Support Service Program that helps our customers operate, control, troubleshoot and report on their M2M assets.

RMA/Warranty Process

Testing and confirming devices considered "defective" for our customers eliminates over 50% of needed devices being returned to the manufacturer. DH Solutions offers an RMA/Warranty Process Service to ensure the devices are truly defective and if so, we track the devices through the process and retest the device to ensure the repairs have been made and the device is fully functional before being redeployed. This service saves our customers down time and the internal resources needed to process hardware RMA's

Advanced Replacement

When replacement of mission critical devices needs to be expedited, DH Solutions provides Advanced Replacement Services. This service provides same day shipment of a fully functional device and gets your system back up and running in 24 hours or less.

Extended Device Warranties

Ensuring you optimize the full life of M2M assets is key to the overall M2M ROI. DH Solutions offers extended warranties on most all the devices we distribute, offering our customers the option to warranty a device for up to 5 full years.

Proof of Concept Support Services

Most all M2M deployments are considered mission critical and ensuring that the right carrier services, solution and hardware have been selected is key to determining sustainability. DH Wireless Solutions provides proof-of concept hardware and engineering support to ensure that your system choices meet the requirements and perform as needed once fully deployed.

Hardware Compatibility Testing

Many organizations wonder if their existing M2M infrastructure is compatible with cellular devices. DH Solutions can assist in the process of identifying the optimum hardware components needed with your ROI in mind. With its vast experience in integrating wireless devices across a wide variety of applications, DH Solutions can assist in making the right device choice based on your requirements.

Carrier Service Provisioning/Activation

DH Solutions knows the carrier networks and process needed to correctly activate the device. DH Solutions has experience troubleshooting cellular devices and knows how to navigate the cellular carriers support infrastructure to get to the correct group to resolve carrier issues. In addition, DH Solutions has keen knowledge of all rate plans and cost structures in the market and will assist in identifying the best possible options based on our customer's requirements.

Device Configuration

In order to ensure that your M2M deployments are smooth, consistent and reliable, DH Solutions provides Device Provisioning and Configuration Services. These services provide pretested, provisioned and activated devices specific to your configuration needs and ready for deployment upon receipt. This creates a highly dependable and successful role out of your M2M initiatives and eliminates the need for our customers to commit to the internal resources needed to perform these functions.

Project Planning and Deployment Services

DH Solutions has project managers on staff to help you reduce risk and optimize efficiencies with your deployments. DH Solutions will ensure your wireless devices are provisioned, activated, fully tested and IT asset tagged prior to shipping them where and when you need them. We have experience with deployments lasting over 12 months in duration inclusive of thousands of devices

Granular Coverage Analysis

Choosing the wrong cellular provider/network can be costly and put reliability at risk. Determining what carrier network provides the best coverage at the places you do business is important. DH Solutions can provide you with solid data in order to make the best possible decision. Simply drive the routes you travel with one of our coverage analysis devices and we will generate a map showing your coverage experience.

*Coverage analysis services available for all National and many regional carriers.