Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Bandit III


Along with the BANDIT II, this is the latest addition to the Encore’s BANDIT™ (Broadband Access Network Device for Intelligent Termination™) family, is available as an industrially hardened or commercial grade cyber security appliance with integrated router, firewall, terminal server, serial-to-IP conversion,

legacy-protocol conversion, and VPN functionality. 

Ideally suited for:

  • Electric, Gas, Oil, and Water Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Green Energy
  • Traffic Control Systems Applications

Cyber security is an urgent issue in industries where advanced automation and communications networks have mission critical applications and high reliability is of paramount importance. These industries have mandated industry specific requirements to ensure their data networking and cyber assets are reliable and secure. The BANDIT 3™ has the necessary features to comply with the most stringent security requirements.