Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Bandit II


This is the latest addition to the Encore’s BANDIT™ (Broadband Access Network Device for Intelligent Termination™) family, is available as an industrially hardened or commercial grade cyber security appliance with integrated router, firewall, terminal server, serial-to-IP conversion, legacy-protocol conversion, and VPN functionality.

Ideally suited for:

  • Lottery
  • Banking (ATM)
  • Electric
  • Gas, Oil, and Water Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Green Energy
  • Traffic Control Systems

The BANDIT 2™ ensures secure system data and SCADA network connections directly to the Internet, secure Wide Area Network (WAN) and/or Local Area Network (LAN), or commercial cellular data IP services. With its seamless Host Site diversification failover feature, the BANDIT 2™ is ideal for Disaster Recovery and Application Load Sharing to multiple Host Sites.