Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

COR Extensibility Dock


Increase Availability. Augment Bandwidth

The Cradlepoint COR Extensibility Dock is an accessory for the COR IBR900 Series and COR IBR600B Series routers that supports dual-modem, additional Ethernet port and GPIOs, and enables redundant power.

Features when combined with the IBR900 or IBR600B

- Dual-modem MC400 expansion slot

- Two extra 10/100 Ethernet ports

- 3rd-party expansion card support

- 2x10 connector for:

     - Extra GPIOs (1 in + 4 I/O)

     - 5 V DC 50 mA sensor power

     - Ignition sensing

     - Redundant power supply capable

- Adds GPS functionality when paired with MC400LP6 or MC400LPE modem