Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Wireless Connectivity: Primary & Backup Assured Connection

Business Continuity

When business relies on maintaining a persistent network connection, having a reliable backup connection is essential. Using the public wireless network for that backup is a good choice since cellular carrier networks are separate from the local telephone company. Wireless cellular backup provides the perfect out-of-band (OOB) backup and remote management solution. The 'off-copper' and 'off-network' nature of wireless makes more sense than using dialup or other basic carrier offerings and also can be more cost-effective.

Primary/Remote Network Connections

Persistent high-speed IP network connectivity has become a mainstay for productivity. Most consumers and businesses can take advantage of low-cost cable and DSL connection options; where those provider networks do not exist, or may be too expensive, today’s 3G and 4G public wireless cellular networks provide an excellent alternative. DH Wireless Solutions can assist in deploying a cost saving and service improving solution.

Automation Solutions

Much of today's automation equipment comes equipped with an Ethernet connectivity option. While designed primarily to leverage a LAN for communications, the same equipment is easily enabled to work over wireless cellular networks. With simple Ethernet-to-Cellular interfaces, DH Wireless Solutions offers wireless connectivity solutions that can enable virtually any Ethernet based device to exploit the power and flexibility of cellular.