Digital Highway Wireless Solutions


Electric Utilities

Utility companies manage remote assets spread over extensive areas and in extreme environments. Wireless data communications enables telemetry and SCADA applications to help electric utilities with a variety of applications, including power infrastructure management, substation automation, automated meter reading, transmission, and distribution measurement and control. Choosing the correct wireless product to meet the technical and environment requirements is critical to a reliable solution. DH Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.

Water Monitoring and Wastewater Treatment

Water entities throughout the United States use wireless products to help monitor the health and welfare of natural water supplies. Wastewater organizations also use wireless modems to monitor the status of storm water runoff and drainage canals, as well as the automation of lift stations and remote communications to and from treatment plants.

Oil and Gas

Whether your need is connecting gas correctors, regulators, electronic flow meters, or providing wellhead measurement, DH Solutions has Class I Div 2 certified modems ideally suited for your application. Needs such as exchange/transfer point metering, or any kind of pipeline monitoring are also met by the solution we offer.