Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Infrastructure: Rugged, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Solutions

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

Public wireless networking technologies enable a long list of remote monitoring and surveillance applications. Whether the need is monitoring and controlling generators and irrigation systems, gathering health and welfare data from environmental or solar systems, or even enabling access to wireless web-cameras, DH Wireless Solutions offers the best intelligent devices and remote management solutions the market has to offer

Homeland SecurityInfrastructure

Infrastructure protection systems provide 24/7 alarm detection and notification for subways, bridges, tunnels, parking garages, and other similar facilities. A network of cameras and sensors used to detect breaches, transmit alerts, and control assets can be costly and time-consuming to deploy. By using wireless public networks and technology, federal, state, and local governments are realizing both faster implementations and more powerful remote management capabilities than ever imagined.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

ITS provides the technology to enable people to make smart travel choices. Variable message signs, traffic radars, congestion detection sensors, and priority control systems are just a few of the technologies involved. By combining state-of-the-art traffic data collection and reliable wireless data technologies offered by DH Solutions, these system can provide accurate, real-time information while reducing infrastructure investments.