Digital Highway Wireless Solutions


DH Wireless Solutions has an incredible array of communicative devices and solutions for mission critical incidents and everyday situations and processes. We provide the best solutions and products available on the market to fit the needs for specific applications. Whether its Federal, Military, or State & Local, DH Wireless Solutions has the capabilities and experience to provide stellar service as we work with you and your team.

First Response

The need to be ready when the call comes in, and the capability of communications that are dependable and keep you connected in the field.


The need for safe and secure communications where data can not be compromised.

Fleet Management & Diagnostics

Whether being proactive or reactive to ensure safe driving and timely delivery and transportation to keep schedules

Back-Up & Failovers

Solutions put in place to ensure constant connectivity in providing services.

Service & Device Management

Software solutions that keep tabs on devices, find out their on-line I off-line status, configure settings, report monitored information, and push out batchable upgrades.

GSA Products

Why use the GSA?

Ordering from a contract where prices, terms, and conditions have been established will dramatically reduce your lead time required to obtain product and services. Check out DH Wireless Solutions GSA Product Portfolio.