Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Digital Signage: Media Messaging At Its Best


Whether it is singular or modular displays utilizing interactive embedded touch screens, image capturing devices or motion detection, digital signage is becoming prominent in these applications:


Any industry and vertical, any size display, at any location

Brand Building

In-store digital signage to promote the brand and build a brand identity. Example: grocery stores, drug stores, and large distributor box stores

Internal Information

Corporate messages, such as policies, procedures, and news.

Public information

News, weather and local (location specific) information, such as building directories with maps, fire exits and traveler information.

Menu information

Pricing, photos, ingredients, and health statistics. Example: fast food restaurants

Enhancing the environment

Creative marketing with interactive screens. Example: in the floor tourist attractions, museums, sports venues, etc. Digital signage is a strong component of "dynamic wayfinding"

By adding an M2M module in the remote access communications configuration, your Digital Signage Solutions will now allow you to:

  • -Deliver quick turn-around times for updating and creating new messages for your customers, in regards to messaging by location, time of day, audience and season
  • -Control and display intelligent content via the remote communication devices quickly and easily with management tools
  • -Reduce costs of traditional display advertising by reducing travel to display sites
  • -Increase both your company’s and customer facing ROI by reducing project timelines immensely via remote access to your signs