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Digital Signage: Media Messaging At Its Best

Digital Signage

From the technological advancements of LCD and plasma screens, LED boards, OLED displays, and projection screens, digital signage solutions are on the forefront of engaging customers with the capabilities of more direct messaging. Digital signage allows unique ways of marketing by informing, educating and entertaining customers for immediate impact to maximize ROI and revenue.

E-Rate | USAC Purchasing Contract

E-Rate is the commonly used name for the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Finance: Mobile, Nomadic & Static

Many banks and financial services are under pressure to reduce operating costs and improved customer service. As a result, many retailers and banks are looking to public wireless networks for reliable and flexible data services. DH Wireless Solutions offers devices with robust feature sets and remote management capabilities that meet the needs of the financial marketplace.

Fire and Rescue

Fire Fighters need to make every second count.  This means ensuring that every process from preventative apparatus and equipment checks, to the dispatch emergency call, and to the deployment of fire crews is fast and efficient.  One common, crucial aspect to every emergency call is the need for good communications.  Good communications involve access and relay of all digital data from different applications used in an incident. 


DH Wireless Solutions understands public agencies are held to higher standards by the masses they serve. This means the agencies are expected to work efficiently at that high level without being affected by tight budgets and constraints. It is the government that must perform under the harshest conditions and be able to provide top quality services to the public and their departmental teams in the office and out in the field.

GSA Advantage | Purchasing Contract

Digital Highway GSA

The key to being efficient is definitely in mobility and automation.  How one can create connections between people, machines, and applications virtually anywhere and anytime, allows better innovation and collaboration to become more efficient.The GSA is about efficiency. Below is the pertinent information one needs to utilize DH Wireless Solutions contract on the GSA Advantage.

Infrastructure: Rugged, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Solutions

The technology that enables security and transportation systems is becoming increasingly dependent on both public and private wireless networks. Customers require hardware components to be rugged, reliable, and cost-effective. DH Wireless Solutions has unique partnerships with a wide variety of industry leading manufacturers that provide hardware that can optimize these deployments.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement mobile communications

The power to access and gather information, while on the road and in transit, means more intel to accomplish your daily routine and special case objectives. Increased awareness means reducing risk to yourself, your team, and your community. State of the art cellular modems, routers, and antenna configurations give law enforcement the capability to capitalize on access to this digital data.

Medical: Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, Medication, Insurance, Mobile EMS

Healthcare and medical M2M applications are creating an environment that caters both to the patients and caregivers in providing vital real-time data to providers in forms of insurance, pharmaceutical prescriptions, legal information, and personal medical and contact information unique to an individual.

Patients and caregivers/providers are using M2M solutions in medical devices,

Mobile Data: Access, Push & Store Information

Organizational mobility is driven by the need to increase productivity, improve customer service, and maintain a competitive advantage. Reliable mobile communications enables organizations to maintain connectivity to workers and mobile resources which are critical to the company’s mission. Whether your mobility needs are in field force automation, engine diagnostics, or automatic vehicle location, DH Wireless Solutions has both the experience and products to make your mobile data needs a reality.


DH Wireless Solutions has deployed reliable wireless SCADA and telemetry solutions to utilities and service providers for years. Understanding the technology needs enables us to assist customers in choosing the right product to enable real-time monitoring and control using today’s public cellular data networks. Whether connecting traditional serial-based RTUs, PLCs, data loggers, or today’s Ethernet/IP based controllers; DH Wireless Solutions offers a fixed data management solution to meet your needs.

Wireless Connectivity: Primary & Backup Assured Connection

Intelligent wireless gateways are an excellent alternative for primary or backup network connectivity for any high-reliability, highly-available applications. Interoperable with standard Ethernet routers and residential gateways, DH Wireless Solutions sells devices that enable customers and network operators to use public wireless networks for a multitude of solutions.