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About DH Wireless Solutions

Digital Highway M2M

Our Mission

DH Wireless Solutions provides the expertise to successfully connect our customers with innovative communication solutions.

Who We Are

DH Wireless Solutions is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of M2M products, developing and configuring M2M solutions.





We are partners and premier resellers of multiple M2M Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM's). We offer added values like demo and proof of concept support, device configuration, deployment management, asset tagging, and support.






Through our team of experts and extended team via our partners, we add the value of professional services such as integrating, customizing, consulting, training, and implementation.

Established in 1995 on the forefront of the evolving Machine-to-Machine industry, DH Wireless Solutions has remained a leader in embracing innovative new solutions. We have enhanced and utilized the most effective and efficient technologies, processes, and procedures in the M2M market to continuously deploy, manage, measure, track, and communicate our products and services to our customers. 

As the cyberscape of digital information expands and explodes around us, DH Wireless Solutions is committed to the innovation and implementation of wireless data solutions that harness the undeniable power of connectivity. Working with best-in-class partners alongside our own superior engineering & development team, we continue to deliver game-changing M2M deployments — seamlessly and suitably matching applications, devices, and carriers.

Focused on sustainable M2M wireless data solutions for both mobile and fixed applications, DH Wireless Solutions has deployed these solutions on grids, highways, pipelines, offices, rails and manufacturing facilities in North America since 1995.  We continue to learn and embrace the front line of advanced technology in the M2M space and bring practical and dependable solutions to our customers.