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MultiConnect OCG-D

MultiConnect OCG-D

The MultiConnect™ OCG-D (Open Communications Gateways Device) comprises of an open Linux development environment and a fully certified hardware offering that includes multiple interfaces (serial, USB, Ethernet and SD card) and internal peripherals (including a cellular modem and a GPS receiver) in one application-ready end user solution.

Applications that require device networking capability can now be embedded directly onto select Multi-Tech hardware. The MultiConnect OCG-D brings together a cellular hardware development kit and Multi-Tech’s CoreCDP, a distribution version of the Linux operating system and complete Linux build environment, to create custom applications in a very short period of time. The Multi-Tech MultiConnect OCG-D provides a flexible, quick and cost-effective way to bring your solution to market.

The full development package includes:

Development Hardware

  • Application-ready hardware platform
  • Includes GPS and cellular modem
  • Multiple interfaces available (serial, USB, Ethernet)
  • 36-pin GPIO interface
  • FCC, IC, UL, PTCRB and R&TTE certified

CoreCDP Software

  • Custom Linux distribution branch
  • Provides complete Linux build environment
  • Cross-compile thousands of open source software packages
  • Create custom applications in a short period of time


  • Advanced developer support available
  • Established developer community available at
  • Two-year warranty

Deployment Models

  • Cellular-only and cellular/GPS models available
  • Standard and customized deployment models available
  • FCC, IC, PTCRB and R&TTE certified

Developer Kits

  • Modem with GPS receiver
  • universal power supply
  • GSM/GPS antenna
  • GPIO cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • RS-232 cable
  • compact flash
  • USB cables
  • DVD
  • Screwdriver